Our Services

The Dayton Family Law Center works with families experiencing domestic issues. To best serve our families, we offer three types of services



Legal Services

We counsel and represent families who are in need of legal help. To keep the costs affordable for our client, we offer discounted attorney fees. In the Midwest, the average billing rate is $264 per hour. In smaller communities, the average billing rate is $100 to $200 per hour. Families with moderate incomes cannot afford to pay these market rates, but they can afford to pay something. As wage earners, our clients recognize the need to pay for services rendered. They also recognize they cannot traverse the legal system without professional legal representation. Our clients are willing and able to pay for affordable legal representation. Because the Dayton Family Law Center is a nonprofit organization, much of our fixed costs are subsidized. We only need to bill our clients enough to cover our variable costs and a small portion of our fixed costs. Therefore, our billing rate is $75 per hour. The firm concentrates its practice in most areas of domestic relations law including but not limited to:

Child Custody
Child Support
Domestic Violence
Juvenile Issues
Visitation Rights


Our goal is to educate the public on their legal rights regarding family law issues. To educate the public, we maintain a regular outreach program to inform the public on the various issues involving family law. These outreach programs are held in local community centers, in public libraries, at PTO meetings, at the local VA, or local community fairs. We want to inform the public on the legal process and what legal rights they have available to them when domestic issues arise. And, we want to inform the public of the various options available for getting legal advice, be it with the Dayton Family Law Center, Legal Aid, or the Dayton Bar Association’s referral program.

Document Preparation

We advise clients who desire to represent themselves with their claims in court on the drafting of legal documents for filing and coach these clients on how to present their case in court. This service is for those families who cannot afford even the subsidized billing fee or for families who do not want to engage an attorney. We offer, for a set fee, a consultation and the preparation of pro se documents to coach clients on how to represent themselves in court. Such packages are appropriate for dissolutions, wills, small claims, and other uncontested actions.