Our Mission

The mission of the Dayton Family Law Center is to further all area families’ access to justice. Most legal aid services target families at or below the poverty line. Yet, the average attorney fee is still too expensive for many families who do not qualify for Legal Aid. For those families that are living paycheck to paycheck, finding affordable legal representation is a challenge that can  impact a case’s outcome.

A survey by the ABA (American Bar Association) Coalition for Justice
reported that sixty percent of the judges surveyed noted fewer people are being represented by counsel in civil cases. “Without legal representation, the chances of an individual adequately representing [himself or herself] are fairly slim,” says Eric K. Yamamoto, law professor at University of Hawaii Richardson School of Law.2 According to Laurence Tribe, a former law professor and head of the U.S. Justice Department’s Access to Justice Initiative, “American’s access to justice [is] a ‘dramatically understated crisis” and “[This] problem is growing for the middle class.”3