Compassionate Legal Services

The Dayton Family Law Center represents families of moderate income looking to resolve domestic issues in their lives through compassionate legal guidance. In today’s economic environment, a family’s budget barely covers mortgage  and food bills. When a domestic  issue arises, many moderate income families cannot afford to hire an attorney to help them maneuver the legal system. These families do not qualify for Legal Aid and often try to go at it  alone with unsatisfactory results. The Dayton Family Law Center is a nonprofit law firm that serves these moderate income families by offering high level legal services at reduced fees, fees
at a level most families can afford.

To keep the costs affordable, we offer discounted attorney fees. In the Midwest, the average billing rate is $264 per hour. Families with moderate incomes cannot afford to pay these market rates, but they can afford to pay something. As wage earners, our clients recognize the need to pay for services rendered. They also recognize they cannot traverse the legal system without professional legal representation. Our clients are willing and able to pay for affordable legal representation.

To qualify for our services, a family must generally earn up to 200% of the poverty threshold. Please call our office for specific eligibility requirements.

Our law firm is located in Centerville and we extend our services to all moderate income residents of western Ohio. The firm concentrates its practice to most areas of family law:

Child Custody
Child Support
Domestic Violence
Juvenile Issues
Visitation Rights

In addition to family law, we represent families who have housing issues, who need a will, or who need a power of attorney. These are also areas of concern to families. We also provide educational outreach services and documentation services.

Our public interest attorneys practice law in order to help families in need maneuver through difficult legal situations. When you partner with the Dayton Family Law Center, you partner with attorneys committed to protecting your family, your property, and your financial interests.

We have a non-discrimination policy, and we are committed to representing all families, regardless of the makeup of the family.